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If you snowboard all the time and constantly progress, sponsors will come to you!

Unfortunately, getting sponsored is not usually that simple. So here are some tips from K2:

  • You must love snowboarding and do it all the time - always pushing yourself to learn new stuff.

  • Once you have ridden for several years and your skills are polished, enter some local contests; you'll get a chance to show everyone how well you shred. You’ll also get a chance to meet shop owners, employees, sales reps, and other snowboarders like yourself. Sponsorship is a lot about who you know, so meet lots of people and be nice.

  • A great first sponsorship is by your local shop. Shops are a good sponsor because you will form lasting friendships and they will help create new opportunities for you. Hang out at the shop and get to know the people who work there. Don’t bug them too much, but find out what it takes to get on their team. The employees and owners know all the snowboard company reps so this will most likely lead to being sponsored by a local sales rep. This is a very good next step.

  • If you still aren't getting hooked up, make a video of your riding. These videos are usually 30 seconds to a minute long, showing the very best snowboarding you can do. As a potential sponsor, we are looking for riders with great personalities (friendly, positive, outgoing, etc.), tremendous technical ability (capable of doing difficult tricks), amazing style (smooth riding), and who absolutely love to snowboard.

  • If you feel you have all of the above traits, we strongly recommend making a video and sending it to K2 Snowboarding ASAP! And remember, there are TONS of good riders out there - why do you stand out?

Send Sponsorship Videos to:

K2 Snowboards
413 Pine Street 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

*All videos become property of K2 Snowboards and will not be returned.